Research World. Issue 17. Feb 2010

Making Patients the Heart Of Research. 

Co-creation between researchers and consumers can lead to successful innovation



The Clinical Healthcare Journey: Understanding the Cancer Care Experience 2008.

Nino, L and Parameswaran L. Philips Design, Netherlands

Study in Clinical healthcare patients’ experiences going through cancer treatments where the role of researchers and respondents is redefined in facilitator and creator respectively.


Appointing Identities and Artistic Youth in Ciudad Bolivar.

Capital social de los jóvenes. Serie Políticas Sociales. Niño, L.#73 UNITED NATIONS, CEPAL.

Study in Media and Fashion Consumerism, which provided a cultural characteriza- tion of youth in Bogotá for the Colombian Presidency.

*(European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research: world body of market research professionals and organizations to enable better research in markets, consumers and societies.)