TR img services 01We 

1. Scout and capture new socio-cultural, aesthetics & technology signals.

& Deliver Trends and consumers research reports.


2. Design tailored workshop tools for application of trends' signals.

& Deliver Application of trends and consumers insights.


3.Refine workshop’s ideas into succinct innovative brand solutions.

& Deliver Innovative positioning, brand stretch, solutions, framework and roadmaps.


4.Develop and implement innovative solutions.

& Deliver Products & services (e.g. packaging, communication, online tools)


5.Design, implement and analyze multi stakeholder, contextual people and trends research.

& Deliver Inspiring results through the visualization of integrated data of consumers into journeys involving multiple touch-points and value spaces for team of creative & marketing professionals to define opportunities.


6.Train brands in people centered innovation research methodologies and applications of trends research into a business context.

& Deliver Templates and tools for clients to design, deploy and synthesize contextual and trends research information


7. Future consumers’ scenarios, brand’s solutions & experiences.

& Deliver Consumer experiential Narratives in storyboards formats involving data projected within 2-7 years.  


8. Create tailor trainings in online and offline strategy, innovation and marketing.

& Deliver Practical tools & applicable knowledge to teams. 


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